Monday, February 22, 2010

Remembering Eight-Year-Olds

Today, while taking a walk around my neighborhood, I passed a driveway on which two eight-year-old girls were clutching the passenger-door handle of a Honda Accord and shrieking. They appeared to be playing a game.

It has been twelve years since I’ve had an eight-year-old.

The experience made me remember so many things I’ve forgotten.

To wit:

--Eight-year-olds like to yell for no reason;

--They are loud even when they are not yelling;

--They are always hungry for what one doesn’t have in the house;

--They are unafraid to tell one how deficient one’s selection of snacks is;

--Their games do not look interesting to adults;

--There is nothing more exquisite than being at a friend’s house after school;

--It is very, very nice to have a friend over after school, but slightly less nice than being the guest because of family-member-related anxiety (little brothers who insist on being included; mothers who buy bad snacks);

--Eight-year-olds never want to go home (unless they are on their first-ever sleepover and it is 2 AM and their parents will not answer their phone);

--Eight-year-olds have no fashion sense;

--Eight-year-olds may or may not be interested in talking to the parents of their friends, but if they are not interested, it is usually because they are shy and not because they think parents are too hideous to live.

I miss eight-year-olds.

Well, I miss my own.


  1. Personally, I think things have changed relatively little since I was 8:

    - My fashion sense still makes you wince (The unicorn sweatshirt specifically)
    - I still disapprove of your snacks, I'm just able to use your credit card to buy my own
    - You quite recently pointed out my complete inability to talk to parents of my friends
    - You are completely uninterested when Evan and I play Who Can Make More Noise While The Other One is On The Phone

    And, I promise you, even when I'm fifty I will still be loud.

  2. Gina, you not only made me miss my 8 year olds but also being 8.

  3. Josh is home, so he is logged onto my computer. He has not had children so this can't be his comment! haha. Thanks!
    posted by Elizabeth Miller